Cargo loading solutions

Ningbo Jiulong International Co., Ltd. is a professional cargo control company integrating production and trade. Products, lifting equipment, market equipment, rail and truck parts areas, with more than 2,000 products, 20 of which have obtained national patents. After 30 years of development, our company has established stable trade relationships with more than 150 customers around the world. The main export areas are the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Mexico, and we have cooperated with many customers for more than 20 years.

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At present, the company has more than 100 sets of advanced mechanical processing and testing equipment, and has a complete testing process for manual tensioners, tensioners, various hardware tools and trailer accessories.

Our service team has more than 40 people. From helping you purchase products before sales to solving your usage problems after sales, we fully demonstrate the value of our services.

The transportation ratchet tie-down straps and ratchet chain binder we design and develop are widely used in truck, trailer transportation, etc.

If you need to transport some large and large quantities of goods, you need to choose a flatbed truck. At this time, how to fix these goods to prevent them from falling is very critical. Our company manufactures fixtures that keep them stable during transportation.


Transportation standards and regulations require the use of tie-down straps or other fixing devices during cargo transportation to ensure the safe transportation of goods. Tie-down straps can ensure that the goods are securely fixed to the truck during transportation and reduce accidents that may be caused by cargo movement. , including cargo falling or tilting.

Different types of cargo and transportation methods may require different types of tie-down straps. Our company has ratchet tie-down straps, automatic tie-down straps, winch straps and other models to choose from. You can choose the appropriate tie-down straps.

Interior Van Straps - Ratchet With Spring “E” Clip

ratchet tie-down strap


automatic tie-down strap

09 3” Flat Hook Winch Strap Assembly-

winch strap

Before formal use, you need to ensure that these tie down straps are intact and that the weight of the cargo is within the tolerable range of the straps. For the fixation of large cargo, you can choose our company's standard ratchet tie-down straps, which are made of polyester fiber material and can withstand a weight of 3-5 tons.

18- AU-standard Ratchet Tie-Down Polyester Replacement Straps 9m,LC 3000kg

During use, you need to wrap the tie belt around the cargo. Make sure the tie belt goes around the upper, middle and lower parts of the cargo. Use the fixing ring to connect it to the fixed point of the truck. The fixing ring style can be flat hook, S hook or spring hook etc.
For large goods transported by flatbed trucks, it is recommended to use multiple tie-down straps and cross-fix them to ensure that the goods are firmly fixed and maintain safety during transportation.

25 Easy Release Tie-Down with“S”Hooks
10 3” Standard Ratchet With Flat Hooks

Chain Binders

When the transported items are large and difficult to fix, you can choose our chain binders for binding and fixing. The tie-down straps are usually made of nylon or polyester and are used to secure the goods and prevent them from shaking or falling off during transportation,and ratchet load binders usually consist of metal chains and corresponding connecting devices to prevent slipping or tilting during transportation.



白色G43 链条 (1)


Among them, the G70 lever chain can bear a weight of 2,200 to 13,000 pounds according to different sizes and lengths. You can inform us of the size requirements or the weight you can bear, and we can customize a chain binder that suits you to ensure the safety of cargo transportation.


In the process of transporting large goods by truck, in addition to the necessary fastening straps and chain binding straps, many exquisite accessories are also needed, such as ratchet buckles, trailer winches, corner protectors, etc. Choose from different sizes and styles, suitable for transporting goods of different weights and volumes.

Webbing Ratchet Buckle

We also recommend the webbing ratchet buckle, which is a multifunctional tool designed and adjusted by our company's R&D team to withstand a load of 5500 kg.

The handle is made of high-quality plastic, which greatly ensures the service life of the ratchet buckle even when used under heavy loads or harsh environmental conditions. Not only is the material selection outstanding, in terms of shape design, we also provide improved leverage to a greater extent. It saves the operator's energy, and it can also achieve precise incremental tightening to ensure that goods will not loosen during the entire transportation process.

This ratchet buckle is 2 inches wide and fits most standard size tie down straps and can also be used in heavy cargo transport, securing equipment and organizing gear. Of course, if you need ratchet buckles of other sizes, you can send your requirements to our email, and we will provide professional customized services to meet the needs of more customers.


Note: Because the handle is made of high-quality plastic, it can resist severe weather to a certain extent, but it is not recommended to be stored in extreme temperatures or extreme environments for a long time to maintain its service life and performance!

 Trailer Winch 

The trailer winch also plays a vital role in the trailer loading process. The winch secures the cargo to the trailer by tightening the tie straps or binding the webbing, so that it remains stable and does not shake randomly during transportation.

The sliding double L-shaped trailer winch developed by our company uses heavy-duty steel structure to ensure durability and service life even in harsh environments.

The width of the trailer winch we designed is 4 inches. The width design helps distribute the tension on the tie-down belt, improving the load-bearing capacity of the tie-down belt while ensuring the safety of the cargo.

In addition, this double L-shaped sliding winch is compatible with standard L-shaped rails. It can be easily installed or removed from the L-shaped rails, allowing flexibility to secure cargo to different vehicles or trailers.


Tips: Some trailer winches can also be used to assist in lifting operations. The retractable and retractable functions of the winch can be used to lift or lower cargo or equipment. Our company also provides customized winches of various sizes. You can send your requirements to the email and we will Contact you within 24 hours.

Corner Guards

Plastic Corner Protector are designed to protect the corners of cartons, boxes and other packaging materials from damage during handling, storage and transportation. Our company's corner guards are made of high-quality plastic or PVC materials, which are strong and durable enough to withstand the rigors of transportation. In addition, they are easy to install and usually need to be used with a variety of packaging materials. Plastic materials can reduce weight even if used too much. Will not increase transportation costs.

Due to different packaging materials and differences in shape and volume, there are differences when choosing plastic corner protectors. Our company not only provides fixed styles and sizes, but also supports customized services. You can specify your specific needs (size, standard, material, etc.) Send it to our email, we have a professional design and R&D team to serve you.


As an industrial and trading enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of cargo shipping equipment, Jiulong has its own R&D and design team, including 20 engineers, 4 technical directors, and 5 senior engineers. They continue to innovate and research, just to satisfy more customers need.

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