• 1982
    IN 1982
    My father Mr Jin Changhai has established the Ninghai Rubber Factory, Since i was born at that year. And our first product was rubber gasket of electric meter. The company name changed to Ninghai ShuangEn Rubber&Plastic Co. Ltd. in the year of 2004.
  • 1989
    IN 1989
    My uncle Mr Jin Changlong has established Zhejiang Jinlong Machinery Rigging Co.Ltd. The first product was computer chassis shell in the initial time. At that time, we mainly sale was in domestic market. Since i was studying in primary school.
  • 1990
    IN 1990
    We were starting to produce the forged load binder accessories,we had completed all the development on the finished load binder product in 1994. In the same year, we have started to work with Foreign trade company, and get in touch with more export business, and started to attend the Canton Fair.
  • 2001
    IN 2001
    We have established Ningbo Jiulong Hardware Co.Ltd. Our main production include various kinds of functional hardware, load binder, buckle, winch, cargo bar, tie down etc. I was just start my collage life in that year.
  • 2004
    IN 2004
    We have started self-support export, set up the direct cooperation relationships with customers from domestic and overseas. After that, we maintains the top 20 ranking for export sales in our county.
  • 2006
    IN 2006
    I had finished my UK study life, and came back to china, I attended to the sales department in our company, and studied the export business.
  • 2009
    IN 2009
    We have established Ningbo Jiulong International Co. Ltd. Our core concept is to make the cargo control &lifting industry more powerful and wider. To change the people's life style in cargo control.
  • 2012
    IN 2012
    We set up four main product systems: 1.Cargo control; 2.Cargo lifting; 3.Truck parts&accessories; 4.Trailer parts&accessories;
  • 2013
    IN 2013
    We built our Jiulong value conception system which forces on "customer first" concept. Then our company has our own vision, mission and dreams.
  • 2014
    IN 2014
    Our total sales made a break, over 100 million RMB. We have only 18 number of staff in our office.
  • 2016
    IN 2016
    We have increased some series product in new area:one is snow chain,the other one is auto maintenance tools. In addition,our company had a big reform of our team management mechanism at that year. And also we refitting our office, we integrate our products and culture into the decoration.
  • 2017
    IN 2017
    In order to meet our dreams,the partner foster programme had been started in our company, also we exploited a new type of project which are safety and government projects, performance has broken a record high. Now,we have 28 staff in our family.
  • 2018
    IN 2018
    Year 2018 is our companys' 10th anniversary, which is very fruitful, Our sales breakthrough the sprint target reach around USD30 million dollars. Thirty people in Our office all looking forwarding the next ten years, make anothersplendid achievement !
  • 2020
    IN 2020
    In 2020, we formulated the 10-year plan of "3-3-4". In the next 10 years, we will achieve an average annual growth rate of 30%. In the four strategic departments, we will striveto double the growth rate every three years with high efficiency and high speed. Strive to exceed 100 million US dollars in 2025 and 250 million US dollars in 2030.