Hydraulic 6 ton welded car lift bottle jack tool

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Vehicle Service Type Bus, Van, Sport Utility Vehicle, Car, Trailer
Material Alloy Steel
Load Capacity:2 tons
Item Weight:4.6 Pounds


Capacity: The 2 tons of the hydraulic jack's capacity (4400 lbs). The minimum and maximum lifting heights are 7" and 13.3", respectively. Height Variable: 2 ". Height of Lift: 4.4 ". Size: 4.6 (lbs). The 2-ton jack works with a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, SUVs, vans, station wagons, compact passenger cars, etc. Simple to transport and store in a car trunk

Wear-resistant welding frame:The jack uses a powerful, long-lasting, and oil-leakage-preventative thick drop forged alloy steel welding structure. The exterior paint of a vehicle jack is corrosion- and oil-resistant. simple to clean

safety valve:Every jack has a safety test. Built-in oil bypass and safety valve, automatically protect the hydraulic system of the jack when overloaded. Keep you safe and guard the red bottle from harm. The pump handle easily raises and smoothly depresses.

Stable top contact surface:The top contact surface of the adjustable jack is shaped like a curb, which improves friction between the jack and the contact point and has strong sliding resistance and stability. The adjustable screw may also be used to expand the required ram height. To ensure your safety, use a Jack Stand.

Operating Instruction: 

1.Before operating, estimate the weight of the load. Do not overload the jack beyond its rated load.

2.Select point of action according to the gravitational center place the jack on the hard ground if necessary. Place a hard plank under the jack so to avoid tottering or falling during operation.

3.Before operating the jacks, first, insert the notched end of the handle into the release valve. Tum the operating handle dock-wise until release valve is closed. Do not over tighten the valve.

4.Insert operating handle into the scoket and the ram is steadily raised by the up and down movement of the handle and the load is raised. The ram will stop rising when the required height is reached.

5.Lower the ram by tuming the release valve. Counter-clockwise with the notched end slacken it slowly. when a load is applied. or accidents can occur.

6.When more than one jack is used at the same time it is. important to operate the different jacks at an equal speed with equal load Otherwise, there is danger of falling thd entire fixture.

7.At an ambient temperature from 27Fto 113F use machine oil (GB443-84)N15 At an ambient temperature. From-4F to 27F use synthetic spidle oil(GB442-64). Sufficient filtered hydrualic oil should be maintained in the jacks. Otherwise, the rated hight cannot be reached.

8.Violent Shocks must be avoided during the operation.

9.User must operate the jack correcly according to operating insruction. If the jack has some quality problems, it can not be operated.

Production Process


Packaging & Shippment

FOB Port: Ningbo
Lead Time: around 45 days
Units per Export Carton: customized

Payment & Delivery:
Payment Method: Advance TT,T/T , Western Union, PayPal, L/C..
Delivery Details: 45days after confirming the order

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